Daily Fantasy Sports Golf

Are you a PGA fan? You can put your wits to the test against other golf fans in weekly fantasy golf contests. Daily fantasy golf isn’t as popular as the big sports in the United States, but the industry is growing incredibly fast right now in 2015.

So far this has been the year for DFS golf to enter the spotlight and become more popular with casual fans. DraftKings – the #1 DFS site for golf — is running a 2015 The Masters Millionaire Maker event. The event will reward the winner with $1M in cash.

There’s now big money to be made in daily fantasy golf and the rest of this guide will serve to help players entering the sport.

How to Play DFS Golf

Playing DFS golf is simple – winning money consistently is another story.

The rules are simple – players receive a salary cap to spend on a line-up of golfers. For example, at DraftKings players receive $50k in salary to spend on six golfers. Every golfer is priced differently and it’s impossible to create a line-up composed of the best golfers.

This is where strategy comes into play. You have to build the best line-up possible with a limited amount of salary.

Once you buy-in to a contest and enter a line-up, that’s all you have to do. You’re allowed to change your golfers prior to the start of the first round, but once the tournament starts line-ups lock-in. At this point, there’s nothing left to do expect watch the action.

The next step is to learn the scoring at the site you play at.

Daily fantasy sports golf scoring isn’t complicated, but there are numerous ways to score points. There’s per hole scoring, finishing position scoring and bonus points for streaks at DraftKings.

Picking the winner of a tournament isn’t nearly enough to win a large-field contest.

You also don’t necessarily need to pick the winner of a PGA tournament in order to win a DFS golf contest. The most important rule to remember when building your line-up is that you need to pick golfers that will make the cut.

If even one golfer misses the cut you’re basically done – at least for the big money. That’s why selecting stars and scrubs or studs and duds isn’t an optimal strategy in DFS golf most weeks. Taking six golfers from the middle of the pack is often the best bet.

Tournament selection is important too. With golf I recommend playing in the small buy-in GPP’s initially. The small 50/50’s and other DFS golf leagues with small playing fields are often filled with veteran players, which is a –EV proposition for a new player.

For $20-$25/week you can play in multiple big GPP’s to work on your strategies and to learn the salaries. Once you start winning money you can start taking on the smaller field leagues or play in the bigger buy-in guaranteed prize pool contests.

Tips for Building Your DFS Golf Line-Up

Here are a couple tips to help you handicap PGA tournaments and build the perfect daily fantasy golf team.

• PGA Tournament Odds: Bookmakers spend a lot of time setting and moving PGA tournament betting lines. Use that to your advantage by looking at the outright winner odds, top 3 finish odds and top 10 finish odds each week.

• Course & Recent Form: Several websites track past results for a tournament, so you can see exactly how a golfer has done in his career in a specific tournament. You also have to weigh in recent form, but course form is more predictive.

The Golf – Etiquette at its best

The Golf is a sport which has won many hearts across the world. There have been many golfers who have made a mark in history of golf, and their names have been remembered even today. These are the legends of golf or the skins game. They have won tournaments, won accolades and have scored well wherever they played.
Some names that can be recollected here are to start with – Jack Nicklaus. Jack Nicklaus needs a special mention here as he sets the Gold standard in the history of golf. He has won 18 professional majors, a couple of U.S Amateurs, three players’ titles, 10 Champion Tour trophies and 73 PGA Tours and 115 global victories altogether. Jack Nicklaus happens to be the most excellent golfer and he would remain so, till someone breaks his record.

One needs to mention Patty Berg too, as she has been one of the best women golfers the world has ever possessed. Patty Berg has won 60 of the women’s events of which 63 are worldwide.

Mickey Wright – another bright name, she did not play but dominated the game in the 1960’s. The swing of hers is still said to be the best in the world of golf today.

Louise Suggs is yet another fine women golfer. Walter Hagen also was one of the finest golfers, who was gifted a grandfather clock, which still stands today. Annika Sorenstam, one of the five finest women golfers, needs a mention too.

Babe Zaharias, Ben Hogan, Gary Player, Tom Watson, Betty Rawls, Arnodl Palmer are some of the top golfers and the list is endless. They are still remembered today for their contribution to the game of golf and their records are unbroken even today.

Golf and Etiquette go hand in hand, as it is spoken so much about, in this fine game of golf. Etiquette just does not mean manners, but they are the guidelines and the lifestyle that all golfers need to adhere to, to be able to make this game a fine one. Etiquette means safety of the golfers, to maintain the quality of the golf course, the pace of the play, which keeps the game moving and enjoyable. Thus etiquette is a whole bunch of rules and guidelines that are laid out for the game. All golfers amateurs or experienced, they learn as they grow along with each other.

Some of the rules that keep the game enjoyable are:

One should not swing the club until you are sure that others are at a safe distance.

While practicing beware of pebbles and twigs or grass which may spring up in the direction of a player close by and injure him

One should be sure before hitting the ball that all other players are steered clear of you

In case after hitting you fear that it might hurt someone, you need to cry – FORE, which is an internationally recognized alert for the game

One should follow the safety suggestions posted on golf carts, and drive with utmost care.

One should not be childish enough to throw around clubs in anger.

Golf – A rule game

Golf – is a game that not all can play, it’s a game which requires a lot of concentration and precision. One needs a lot of time to be devoted too, to master the game. Any game needs passion to master it, and Golf specially needs a lot of patience and inner talent to play it well.
One needs to follow certain rules while playing Golf. The rules of golf were first compiled in March 1744, and these are known to be the oldest rules. These were set up for the Company of Gentlemen Golfers. These were renamed as The Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers. The game then was played at Leith in Scotland. The first and the oldest Golf tournament and one of the major ones is The Open Championship which was played on the seventeenth day of October, 1860. This was played at Prestwick Golf Club, in Ayrshire in Scotland.

The game of Golf is played on 9 hole course or on a 18 hole course. If it is played on a 9 hole course, then one needs to play twice over to complete one round. The game is played with tees and can be elevated form the ground, on the discretion of the player. The players can walk to their next drive or shot with the help of the golf carts which are run over the golf course. The player can be accompanied by a caddie, who carries and manages the equipment of the player, and they are allowed to advice the player on the ways of playing. Caddies are part of the rules, and can only server and advice the player, for whom he is working, and he cannot advice to nay of the players who are competing.

The game of Golf follows very strict rules which are standardized internationally and are governed jointly by The R & A, created in 2004, from The Royal And Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, which has been founded in 1754. This was done teaming up with United States Golf Association- the USGA in short.

The basic principle of the rule is being fair. To quote the words of the rules “Play the ball as it lies, play the course as you find it, and if you cannot do either, do what is fair”. The rules for the amateur golfers are even more stringent. A golfer, who has played for money or given advice for money, is not at all treated as amateur and is not allowed to play any tournaments meant for amateurs. Amateur Golfers can however receive expenses according to the guidelines, and can also accept non cash prizes – all within the limits prescribed by the Rules of Amateur Status.

The golfers also need to follow the golf etiquette besides the officially printed rules and guidelines. These Golf etiquette guidelines take care of things like pace of play, safety, fairness of play and the obligation that the player has to take care of the course. The golf players mostly follow rules of the golf etiquette to improve the playing experience of everyone. There are no penalties though if there is a breach of rules.

Phil Ivey Poker and the reason for which he is a champ

As far as cash games are concerned Phil Ivey happens to be the name of the most skilled player. Popular for his great insight of reading hands and techniques with his quick wit, he has fans all over the globe. He is one of the smartest poker players ever and his aggressive techniques of going away with the winner bracelet are just mind blowing! One would get simple mesmerized after watching him play.
Wonder from where did Phil learn so much of versatility? The answer is his Grandpa! Yes… his Grandpa wanted Phil to learn the hazards of gambling since his childhood. But in the due course of time poker landed up as his passion and profession. At the very tender age of eight, Phil started learning the basics of Poker from his Grandpa. From that age itself, instead of concentrating in his academics, Phil died for playing Poker and dreamt of becoming a world famous Poker player. With each game and with time, he brought in him the best of the techniques of playing the game and combed to find chances to play the game. Thus he became the master of it.

At the age of 21, he won his first great Poker title as the World Series of Poker 2000 by beating the two great players- Phil Helmuth and Amarillo Slim! The year 2002, brought more happy surprises, Phil happens to win three additional bracelets ofWorld Series of Poker as– Stud Hi/Lo, Seven-Card Stud, as well as SHOE (which happens to be a rotation of Hold ‘em, Stud, Omaha, as well as Stud Hi/Lo). In 2005, he earned himself his fifth World Series of poker bracelet! What he had won however isn’t limited to these World Series only. He won bounty cash prizes and name and fame in different cash games at Las Vegas. He never stops playing online poker games too. He has huge contribution towards the design team. Apart from Poker, Phil displays his immense interest in basketball too. He is a fan of Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets. He also has put himself into video games with golf being a recent one.

Although many think Phil Ivey is the best of the best poker players. But some are of the view that he is best only at the ring games and not in the PKR tournament. While some other defy this fact. Many are of the view that he is maniac about Poker. And it is really hard to get a read on his mind while he is at the game table. His aggressive ways, marvelous timing and excellent hand reading are undoubtedly unparallel. In anyways, for us, the general people, playing like Phil Ivey is only a dream which we can strive hard to fulfill. When asked to him about the techniques, he only says that it matters personally and it has only got to be thought and thought more and more within one’s own self along with unending practice. However, we have lot many books and websites about the game to search and know better and better. So who can be the next Phil Ivey?

Bluff magazine: Among the best poker magazines

In this daily routine of our life, where we have set out specific routines and works for ourselves, there are very few moments where we get the time to go out of our made schedules and go wild in our thoughts. Nevertheless, though the avid regularity and one tone mode of live continues, the fact that the human beings have always been attracted to entertainment is very true. Right from the beginning of the human civilization we have been finding ways that can please our mind, body and soul and no doubt there are many such activities within ourselves.
Card games are one of the most sophisticated, uptown and also at some places the cheapest and the most entertaining activities among them. Playing cards does not only involve entertainment, it also involves brain game. The way, how to put which card, where and when comprises of a lot of mind and concentration. Where some people play it simply for entertainment, some play it for money, as a craze, and some play it as addiction by using the betting system on each card as such.

Playing the card game poker is such a mind game and an addiction too. It is a combination of card games which mostly involves betting whereas it can also be played individually but at the end, the winner id declared by the scores and the ranks of the players in the whole game. Winners are also declared by the combination of cards which are supposed to, according to the rules, be hidden until the end of the game. The betting process of the game poker varies from different types of poker games between a high hand and a low hand. There are many types of poker too.

At the very beginning poker was not much welcomed by the people but then it slowly was taken by the people. People started to play tournaments at partypoker.com. It became a very famous card game for a pass time and for acquiring money too. The popularity reached its heights with the emergence of the online poker games in the beginning of the 21st century. Hole-card cameras were also introduced in the 21st century and slowly poker turned from being the mere card game to one of the most famous spectators spot. Seeing the popularity poker tours also came to be known and poker came to be televised for everyone to watch and enjoy it.

Certain magazines also started to write reviews about poker and people playing it. People got to know a lot about poker and its rules. Bluff magazine is one of the top American magazines in today’s world dealing mostly with poker. This magazine was established in the year 2004 but it was not a regular magazine. It became popular within the forthcoming years and has registered its place as the topmost magazine now. Its speciality is that it names the 20 most important people in the poker industry of the year in one edition every year. Bluff magazine America has its other two divisions and is sold in two other names such as bluff magazine South Africa and bluff magazine Europe.

Golf – A game for the elite

Golf is the game for the elite and it may seem that it is easy to play, but it is quite a difficult game. Golf happens to be an accuracy club as well as ball sport, wherein the players who are competing use lots of kinds of clubs for striking the balls into the sequence of holes. This game of golf is played on a special field called the golf course, and the main motive is to use the least amount of strokes.
This golf course is specially designed for the game comprising of either 9 / 18 holes, all laid out in a special design, with a teeing ground. One needs to follow very strict rules, when you are playing golf. There are markers set up showing the boundaries of the legal tee area. This area is normally surrounded by a pin or a flagstick and a cup. The most common golf courses have 9 holes and the game is played twice over to complete 18 holes.

Golf can be played by way of stroke play or match play. Stroke play is when you play as an individual, and use the least number of strokes. Match play is played between a team or as a complete round by an individual.

Golf is a game which finds its origins in Scotland, during 15th century. The ancient origins of the game are really not clear and are much debated. Historians also track the game of golf, to a Roman game called Paganica, where the players made use of a curved stick for hitting a leather ball which was stuffed. Gradually Paganica spread across Europe and the modern game of Golf evolved.

Golf also finds it’s similar roots to a game played by the Chinese called chuiwan- chui denotes striking while wan denotes small ball. This game was played among the 8th and the 14th centuries. One can find traces of the game in the autumn banquet way back in 1368, in the Ming Dynasty. There are pictures which show some members of the Imperial court of China are swinging an undersized ball, and aiming it towards a hole, and this is being played in a golf club. The modern game was acknowledged as Cambuca in the UK and Chambot in the France. The game then spread to countries like England and Germany and was referred to as pall-mall there. Some are also of the opinion that Golf has descended from Persia.

The present game started off in Scotland, which banned it too, as it was not being welcome well. This game was seen as a disruption to learning of archery. The aged Course of St Andrews is more of a pilgrimage to the golf lovers, and it is dated way back to 1574.

There are other courses where Golf has been played like Musselburgh Links, in East Lothian of Scotland, where it was played in March 1672. This has been certified by Guinness World Records to be the earliest Golf course worldwide.

The first ever golf course with 18 holes was set up in United States, on a sheep farm. This is in Downers Grove, Illinois, in 1892. The course can be still seen today.

Try online casino games for free

In this routine and monotonous life of today, there are few instances where we actually think out of the box and go wild in our imaginations. However, although the avid regularity and one tone mode of live continues, the fact that the human race has always been attracted to recreation is also cent percent true. Right from the beginning of the human civilization we have been finding ways to please ourselves and the avenue of games and sports are indeed one of the most liked ones.

The game of poker is one such card game that although had very humble beginnings probably in the early 1800s, it had transformed today into a lot more and is almost a way of living life and an innate lifestyle. Be it the form of the game that is played in the card rooms or the more recent online versions of poker, it is no exaggeration to call poker of the most liked and played card games of the twenty-first century. Let us now look into the world of online poker games and read along to unlock the basics tips to be the master of the trade.

Poker is one of the most popular card games today and there are basically four types of this game namely the Texas Hold ’em, Omaha poker, Seven Card stud poker and five cards draw games. These are conventionally the games that were played in the real life poker rooms or casinos called brick and mortar rooms however, are also the forms that are played in the virtual online rooms. The basic thing that you should do here is opening an account on any of these virtual rooms and it is certainly no rocket science!

There are so many poker rooms available online that it becomes a task in itself to choose the right one. To help you out in this task, there are in turn guide sites like PlaySolidPoker.com that not only provide trustworthy recommendations of the best poker rooms but also give tips and tricks to increase the chances of your win substantially.

Some of the most popular of these online poker rooms are 888 Poker, Poker Stars, Winner Poker, Lucky Ace Poker, PartyPoker etc. and these rooms are very renowned for the Texas Hold’em Poker games. Others that you must check out if you are up for a poker tournament are Bwin Poker, Poker 770, Titan Poker, Lucky Ace Poker and many more.

Not just Texas Poker, there are scores of options for you if you wish to test your luck with the other three games of poker as well. One thing that you must keep in mind before registering for any of these online rooms is that the game of community poker is best played with several players and choosing a room where there are no players to play along is the worst kind of decision you can make.

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Black jack side bet

Of all the side bets offered in black jack, the last one you’d think to look for is one that just pays straight up for hitting an actual blackjack. What fun is that? The easiest to learn, this side bet sets itself apart from the others because of the large spectrum of house odds depending on the number of decks and payoff amount you’re looking at. But hell, even at the worst odds, you’re playing the game to hit a black jack anyway, so what’s another little more put up on the side in hopes of cashing in many multiple times what you’re regular bet would pay? Let’s find out.

As you’d expect, the odds are greatest for the player (meaning the lowest house advantage) with the highest payout, which tends to be 19:1, and the lowest number of decks. This side bet can be found at many black jack casinos, both large and small, across the country. If you do manage to get lucky and find that one-deck game that pays 19:1, you’re only looking at a 3.5% house edge. Those are odds worth sinking some money into, at least in the casino world where a 25-30% edge isn’t uncommon or frowned upon, which we’ll see in a second.

Staying with the one-deck odds, if the payout drops to 18:1, the house edge more than doubles to just over 8%. A 17:1 payout pushes the house edge over 13%. 16:1 takes it to near 18%, and a 15:1 payout (the lowest commonly found with this bet) takes it all the way up to almost 23%, which pretty much puts you in the same league as other implausible games, although with a much higher percentage of return.

At the other end, if you see it played on an eight-deck black jack online table, you’re already looking at a 5% house edge for the best possible payout of 19:1. 18:1 brings it up to 9.85%. 17:1 is at 14.5, and so on. The worst possible house edge for the player is the 15:1 payout on the eight-deck hand, which is just over 24%. At that point, though, the difference between the eight and one deck games is really negligible. Maybe if you’re playing 1,000 hands it makes a difference, but for the average player, it’s still worth betting if you want to put more money down on a blackjack coming up.

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Surface Betting in Roulette

Many people who play slots online also bet the roulette wheel with the right intentions but flawed logic. Some roulette players bet their favorite numbers, while others wager on the birthdates of loved ones. Still others seek out lucky or hot numbers, while other roulette players bet a few successive numbers. While betting numbers in this manner is fun, over time the roulette player is statistically likely to go broke. There is a method to the roulette player’s madness in terms of why they are betting the specific numbers, but players will find the roulette wheel unsympathetic to their cause more often than not.

Some roulette players find themselves in the right church but the wrong pew, however. Often, a new roulette dealer will come on shift, citing a number such as 8 has been hot all week. This often prompts roulette players to bet the number eight, as many gamblers welcome inside tips from trusted roulette dealers. This method of chasing the lucky number, however, falls short more often than not, as players frequently watch the ball fall within a few spots of 8 a few times while totally missing other times.

If the player watches closely, however, they can observe another trend, which may potentially explain why the number eight might seem to occur more often than other numbers for the specific roulette dealer. Humans are creatures of habit. The dealers are very mechanical in nature and often release the ball around the same number each time. Maybe the hot number is eight, but that is far different from the dealer’s lucky number in most instances.

When at the roulette table on a site like golden casino, ask the dealer which number is his lucky number. He might tell you 28, for example. Watch his release to see if his lucky number coincides with his release. In many instances, it does. When such a pattern occurs, bet one or two numbers on either side of the number the dealer described as the “hot number” (and of course lay a wager on the stated hot number as well). By covering the surface surrounding the hot number, a roulette player stands a far better chance of capitalizing on the habits and routine of the roulette dealer. Additionally, if the roulette dealer’s release is the same each time, he is partially the cause for the lucky number’s frequent occurrence. As a result, your bets are strategically placed to capitalize on the ball’s attraction to the surface surrounding the hot or lucky number.

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Tennis Odds for the US Open

When betting on tennis, a bettor can bet on the actual match, or he can venture a guess and wager on who might win a particular competition, such as the US Open. Betting and speculating on the US Open and tennis betting competitions of similar nature can be done by way of the tennis futures market. With the futures market, each tennis player receives odds, which they pay out if they win the entire tournament. Because we are betting in advance of the actual competition, we are speculating on which tennis player we think will win the US Open. Often we can find value within the tennis odds for such competitions.

When betting the futures in a competition such as the US Open, not only can we speculate on the winner, but we can also speculate on when certain players will be eliminated. For example, Roger Federer has won the US Open five years consecutively. Last year he knocked off Andy Murray in straight sets. A tennis bettor can speculate on how Murray fairs in this year’s US Open by way of the futures market.

Should we believe Andy Murray shall be eliminated in the opening round, we would be rewarded with $850 on our $100 bet. If we successfully predict his ousting from the Open in the second or third round, we would win $4500 or $1000 respectively, as his odds for second round elimination are at +4500, while round three elimination is at +1000. Should we believe Murray would reach the US Open Semi-finals and lose; the odds are +450, while earning the spot of runner up is at +225. Andy Murray winning the US Open outright pays $250 on each $100 wagered.

By comparison, Rafael Nadal is getting tennis betting odds of +500 to win the US Open, as well as +600 odds to finish runner-up. On the women’s side of the US Open, Venus Williams has odds of +1000 to finish as runner up, while receiving +450 odds to win the Open. Maria Sharapova is a plus 1200 to bow out gracefully in the second round, while even money to be eliminated in round three of the open.

The futures market for tennis betting provides us a plethora of tennis odds and value on different stages of the entire US Open Tennis tournament. By carefully examining the draws and match ups, value is certain to be located.